ZeroWater ZP-006-4 Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020

ZeroWater ZP-006-4 Water Filter Pitcher Review

ZeroWater ZP-006-4 Water Filter Pitcher ReviewProduct Overview

The ZeroWater ZP-006-4, 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter offers five stages of filtration to improve the taste and quality of water. Unlike other water filters which use only carbon filtration to remove bad taste from the water, this filter uses ion exchange technology to purify the water from dangerous chemicals and particles as well as making it taste better. This water filter can hold six cups of water at a time which makes it a good water filter for a small family, couple, or individual.

This filter pitcher has been certified by unbiased third parties as twice as efficient as other filters, removing 99.6% of dissolved particles as well as reducing lead in the water. This water filter also has a space saving design which makes it one of the best water filters for small fridges. ZeroWater water pitchers are 100% BPA free unlike other filtered water bottles and pitchers.

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Why Should You Use a Water Filter?

A high-quality water filter can transform your tap water. Tap water often tastes bad and can even contain chemicals, particles, solids, and bacteria that can cause health problems. If you live in a city with poor water quality or you live in a house with old pipes, it is even more important to pay attention to the quality of your water. Chemicals such as lead in the water can be very dangerous for consumption. Using a water quality meter can help give you a better idea of how safe your tap water is to drink.

Water quality can affect your life in many ways. Having great tasting water is a plus, but more importantly than that, did you know that impurities in the water can cause long-term health problems and even cancer? Using a high-quality water pitcher that removes solids, lead, chemicals, and pollution from your tap water is the best way to protect your family from the dangers of contaminated water. Having better tasting water will also encourage you to consume more water in general which is great for your health.


  • Five Stage Filtration

This filter by ZeroWater has five stages of filtration which remove particles and chemicals that can cause bad tastes and health problems. Other filters use only carbon filters or one other form of filtration where as this water filter uses multiple stages including Ion Exchange Technology. This is a more powerful filtration than comparable water filter pitchers at an affordable price.

The filtration water pitcher has been evaluated by a third party and reported to remove twice as many solid particles as other leading water filters on the market. Not only does the filtration process make the water taste great, but it removes dangerous particles such as chemicals or bacteria which can cause long-term health problems.

  • Saves Space

This water filter pitcher is designed to hold six cups of water a time which is enough for an individual, couple, or a small family. The pitcher itself has been engineered to make the most out of the space in your fridge. The filter sits inside of the pitcher which means that it is vertically not as tall as some water pitchers which makes it easier to fit inside of your fridge.

With this water pitcher you can enjoy clean, healthy, and great tasting water at your convenience and it barely takes up any space. Using a small, space-saving water filter is great because you will have more room in your fridge for your food. ZeroWater makes a variety of water filtration systems in different shapes and sizes.

  • Filter and Water Quality Meter Included

Along with the purchase of this high-quality water filter you will also receive a free additional gift of a water quality meter. This water quality meter will indicate the level of pollution within your water, taking the guesswork out of providing clean water for you and your family. The water quality meter indicates the water quality as a number on the display screen.

The water quality meter is easy to use and comes with a digital display as well as an on and off button and a hold button. The filter is also included with the pitcher which means that you will not need to make any additional purchases to get started with having great tasting and healthy water for you and your family with this ZeroWater pitcher.

  • BPA Free

BPA is a type of plastic that is found in many water bottles, water pitches, and food containers although it has been proven to cause health effects. This water filtration system is completely BPA free so you can rest-assured that the materials used are 100% safe. This commonly found chemical can cause birth defects and hormonal imbalances.

BPA is found in many containers that hold food and beverages, so it is important to be a conscious consumer and check to see if there is BPA in the plastics that you use. If you are pregnant or have children in the home, avoiding BPA is even more important as children and babies are more susceptible to poisoning from BPA. BPA mimics the effects of estrogen and can have bad hormonal effects on development.

  • NSF Certified

Unlike other water filters who make empty claims about the efficiency of their filtration systems, this water filter has been evaluated and certified by the NSF to reduce the levels of lead and other dangerous particles in the water such as chromium. While lead was banned many years ago, in older homes there may still be lead piping that has survived. Lead and other dangerous chemicals can also enter the water through other sources such as from paint and chemical runoff. The NSF is a reputable and acclaimed organization who only appraises top rated and high quality products such as this one. The NSF has certified that this filter will reduce the levels of lead in the water.

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  • Small Capacity

With a maximum holding capacity of six cups at a time, this water filter pitcher is on the smaller side. Some water filters can hold ten cups or more which is more suitable for a family of four. This water filter is great for small fridges because it saves space and is a good choice for individuals, couples, and small families, however for a large family that drinks a lot of water a six cup water filter pitcher may not be enough. ZeroWater makes similar filters in 10 cup, 23 cup, and 40 cup sizes.

  • No “Comfort Grip” Handle

Unike some of the bigger ZeroWater filters, the six cup model is not equipped with a “comfort grip” handle. The plastic handle is not as easy or as comfortable to grip as the models that do have a padded grip on the handle. Those with limited hand mobility may need assistance pouring from this model of ZeroWater because of the handle, but for most people the handle will work just fine.


This water filter by ZeroWater is a high-quality water filter that has been tested and certified by multiple acclaimed third parties for filtration efficiency. It uses a five step filtration process which removes twice as many particles and solids from the water than other filters. In addition to improving the taste and quality of the water, this water filter pitcher will also help to prevent disease and long term health effects caused by pollution in the water.

The ZeroWater ZP-006-4, 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter is a great water filter for couples, a small family, or an individual. It has a compact design which is engineered to make the most out of the space in a small fridge so you have more room to store your groceries. ZeroWater also makes similar water filter pitchers that can hold more water such as 10 or 20 cups. ZeroWater filters are certified to reduce the amount of lead in the water as well as 99.6% of dissolved solids.


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