Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Review

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher ReviewProduct Overview

The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher has the longest lasting filters on the market at 150 gallons of water produced per filter. The water produced is of the highest quality. This water pitcher filter can transform your tap water. It removes particles, chemicals, and metals from the water that cause bad taste and smell. This water filter is made by a great company who never cuts corners when it comes to quality. They only use BPA-free plastics and environmentally friendly materials in the construction of the pitchers, and the filters are extremely powerful at purifying the water.

Using a water pitcher filter is the best way to provide you and your family will consistently clean and great tasting water. Tap water not only tastes bad, but it can have chemicals and pollutants in it which are really bad for your health. Children and pregnant women can have the worst health effects from drinking contaminated water, but for all people polluted water can cause headaches, fatigue, stomachs, and more. This water filter by Nakii removes many of the causes of water borne illnesses from tap water so you can rest assured that you and your family are hydrating safely.

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The filter system is easy to use and filter changes are quick and uncomplicated. The filtration process is also very fast so there is less time spent waiting in between filling up the water pitcher. Even with the super fast filtration, the flow rate is certified as being super even and efficient. The design of the pitcher itself is sleek and stylish with a wooden finish on the handle. It will easily fit in most fridges, even being able to slip it into the side of the door. This filter has also been approved by the FDA in terms of the materials used.


  • Longest Lasting Filters

The filters used in this water pitcher filter are some of the longest lasting filters available. They each produce 150 gallons of water per filter which equals almost 500 plastic water bottles. The savings of switching to these long-lasting high-quality water filters over time is incredible. You will be saving hundreds of dollars on water bottles by switching to this filter. Even if you already use a water pitcher filter, switching to this filter could still save you money if you are using expensive filters which have to be changed every two months.

  • Tested and Certified

The materials used in the construction of the pitcher itself have all been tested and certified by the FDA as being safe for use with food materials. The WQA has evaluated this product and has certified that it has an effective and steady filtration process, even though it is super fast. The WQA is constantly testing Nakii filters to ensure that they are safe and up to industry standards. The filter is also evaluated by the NSF, or the National Science Foundation, which only certifies water filters that are high-quality and made by a reputable manufacturer. They test to see how effective the filters are at removing certain types of contaminants. Being tested by a third party ensures that each of the claims made by the maker of the fitler is true.

  • Fast and Efficient Design

The design of the filter is super modern and efficient. The pitcher is made to be the best space-saving size and is super compact despite being able to hold ten cups of water at one time. It will easily slide into the door of a refrigerator or a small shelf. The design also looks great, pairing the clear pitcher with a wooden finished handle. The size of the filter is tall and thin which means that there is more room to store food around it in the fridge.

  • High-Quality Materials

The materials do not contain any BPA, which is a plastic commonly found in water bottles and other plastic food containers. Although BPA has been proven to cause birth defects, hormonal issues, and developmental issues, companies continue to use it to cut costs. Nakii never cuts corners when it comes with quality and only uses the highest quality materials in the construction of their water pitcher filters.

  • Powerful Filtration

The filtration offered by this water filter system is unmatched. It has multiple layers to the filter, unlike other filter systems which only use one kind of filter to improve the taste. This water pitcher system will remove particles from the water from organic matter such as dirt and sand, as well as removing particles from old pipes like rust. This is just the first layer of filtration though. After solid particles have been removed, the next step of filtration includes reducing the lead, mercury, and other heavy metals found in the water.

Chlorine is a leading cause of the bad taste that many people do not like about tap water. The taste and smell of chlorine is bad and it is also not very good to consume. This Japanese designed water filter pitcher uses technology to remove chlorine from the water, which improves the taste and smell. It does not just remove chlorine, but will help to reduce all kinds of pollutants and metals from your tap water.

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  • Takes Up Space in the Fridge

The design of this water pitcher is tall and thin which makes it perfect for putting in the door of the fridge. If you have a small fridge or a fridge with small shelves, the water pitcher may be too tall. You should check the dimensions of the fridge compared with the water filter before you buy to get the best results. This water pitcher filter holds ten cups of water which is the perfect size for most families and is not too big or two small. The design of the pitcher is definitely influenced by the company’s Asian origins and is very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Takes Time to Fill Up

This filter system is one of the fatest on the market, but it will still take a couple minutes to an hour to completely filter the water. To make up for the lost time, you can also pour some of the purified water into another container while you are waiting for the filter pitcher to fill back up. Although the filter works very fast compared with other filters, it has the same if not a more powerful filtration and has been tested and certified.


The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher is a Japanese engineered water pitcher filter that is beautiful and efficient. It has the longest lasting filters on the market at 150 gallons per filter. Each filter lasts four times as long as other leading filters on the market. The filtration system uses multiple steps to eliminate all kinds of pollutants including lead, organic particles, mercury, chlorine, and more. This water pitcher filter has one of the fastest filtration systems as well. While other filters take ages to fill up, this filter works fast to purify the water and is certified to do a great job at eliminating all kinds of pollutants.

The taste of the water will be drastically improved by using this water filter. Not only does the water look better and taste better after being purified by the multiple steps of the filter, but it also will be healthier for you to drink. The materials used in the construction of the filter are BPA-free and have been approved for use with food containers. The filter will clean chlorine, heavy metals, mercury, lead, particles, solids, and all kinds of pollutants from the water so that you and your family can drink better. The water produced by this filter tastes amazing and switching from water bottles to a water pitcher filter like this one will save you hundreds of dollars over time. This is the best ten cup water pitcher filter with a long-lasting filter.


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