LeakSmart Automatic Shut-Off Water Valve Review

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Last Updated: 11/20/2020

LeakSmart Automatic Shut-Off Water Valve Review

LeakSMART Automatic Shut-off

  • Automatic shut Off Valve
  • Works with SmartThings
  • Backup Battery for durability
  • Works with different pipes
  • Available in different sizes

Note: You need the LeakSmart Hub and sensors for this unit to work. Those are sold separately.  

If you have to deal with frozen pipes in the middle of winter or a leak in your washing machine, it’s time for you to get some protection against the inevitable water damage.

Thankfully, there's a new wave of innovative leak sensors that can send alerts of leaks to your phone almost immediately, even if you’re far away. Still, these detectors are relatively new, so it can be hard to find which sensor is worth investing in.

With that being said, we decided to do some research, review, and test various sensors and their smartphone apps to compare their responsiveness, ease of installation, leak detection accuracy,efficiency, and sensitivity. Through our research,we found the best leak sensor, and we came across the LeakSmart which is also one of the better Automatic Shut-Off Water Valves.

Who Makes LeakSmart?

For people who worry about protecting their homes and prized valuables, as well as for any contractors or plumbers who wish to recommend the best water protection system out there, Waxman is the most reliable water product company out there.

Waxman takes pride in its 85 years of water protection services. Over this period of time, the company has become one of the world’s most reliable providers of restroom and kitchen interior products such as bathroom sinks and kitchen faucets with a regulated and maintained quality standard.

While not one of the most popular accessory brands out there, Waxman products can still be seen in many different households. After successfully providing lots of plumbing accessories to many homes, Waxman focused their manufacturing, state-of-the-art research and service teams on prioritizing leak detection, and that’s where LeakSmart came in.

LeakSmart manages to protect the entire house from unwanted water damage using a well-designed detection system. With this sensor, you’re guaranteed to avoid leaks and floods easily and conveniently.

The LeakSmart Automatic Shut-Off Water Valve

If you are in an area prone to floods and your basement tends to get converted into an indoor swimming pool every now and then, then the LeakSmart water valve is the water detection device for you.

Keys Features

  • Complete port valves
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI
  • Rapid connect wiring
  • Maximum turn-off pressure: 125 PSI
  • AC supply and battery back-up for situations involving a power outage
  • Maximum optimal temperature: 135° F
  • 3 LED indicator lights
  • Minimum water temperature: 33° F
  • water temperature: 190° F
  • Automatic 30-day self-cleaning
  • Brass valve free of lead
  • Five-year warranty
  • Valve connection is NPT
  • AA batteries
  • 18-inch power adapter
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.50 x 3.50 inches
  • Control panel and actuator of top-tier synthetic polymer
  • Package has One leakSMART 1-1/4-inch patented auto turn-off water valve
  • Works with various pipe types and setups
  • Comes with battery back-up in case of a power outage
  • Connects with Wi-Fi through Nest, IRIS, SmartThings or Wink

Water Detection System

LeakSmart provides you with a simple way to find and prevent leaks so that you can avoid water damage. After LeakSmart finds a leak, it can turn off your water and can then warn you through a very loud alarm as well as by alerting you through your smartphone or tablet. All of this takes a short time of five seconds for being an effective leak detection.

There are three components to the LeakSmart system. The first is theLeakSmart Valvethat you can attach straight to the primary water supply. The LeakSmart valve is a device able to let you switch off your water valve automatically when a leak is detected, or if you wish to turn it off remotely.

Then comes unique LeakSmartSensor that can regulate both wetness and temperature. You simply  place the sensors all over your home, especially surrounding any plumbing setups, pipes or costly accessories in order to conveniently find a leak.

Another component is the smart LeakSmart Hub can get signals transmitted from the LeakSmart Sensors to activate the LeakSmart Valve in order to turn off the valve. This hub requires an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to work and start the water detection process.

Installation and Setup

The LeakSmart valve makes use of a ZigBee connection system. However, it is typically designed for Wink and IRIS hun systems. It can also connect with a SmartThings hub as demonstrated through other tests, but it only seems like a simple “connection” instead of a water sensor.

Using the required hub, the valve pairs immediately after putting in the required AA batteries and pressing a button within the battery compartment. After setting up, you can connect the valve to the main water supply, and the auto water turn-off valve will be activated.

With regards to the ease and procedure of the valve’s installation, the LeakSmart manufacturers highly recommend users to hire professionals to setup since it attaches straight to the house’s main water supply.

This motorized valve can accommodate a 3/4-inch pipe and makes use of an AC supply as well as four AA batteries provided as a backup, and synchronizes with the LeakSmart water sensor via the hub device. As a substitute for Wink or Lowe’s Iris, you can also opt for the LeakSmart’s own hub, a collection of six sensors, as well as the water shutoff valve in a useful bundle package.

It would have been a lot more convenient if the manufacturers had designed the valve to be easier to install so that users could do it themselves and effectively start the water protection without spending money on professionals. Even so, LeakSmart provides you with informative installation manuals and video guidelines that can help make the process even easier.

Functionality of the Water Detection system

The LeakSMART water sensor detects water fast, with a great volume amplitude of 78 decibels. IRIS hub users can utilize an even louder alert of about 88 decibels with the actual hub itself. For cell phone alerts, the majority of hubs can send push alerts and notifications, whereas IRIS can also provide you with a ring on your mobile device.

Similarly, the LeakSmart integrations will rely on what hun system is being used. Wink hubs, for example, are able to flashlights once water is sensed, or utilize the accurate temperature sensors to regulate the thermostat controls. The IRIS hun has the same integrations, except it costs $10 to use every month.

The major beneficial feature, without needing any testing, is the connection with the actual LeakSmart automatic water shutoff valve. Although it isn’t the single smart turn-off option on the market, it appears to be the easiest, with just one product that provides power, gives switch motorization, and integrates with the leak sensor through a hub.

Other products we’ve found set the relay switch and valve as individual setups, so users have to figure out what components work with each other. In fact, different from many of the other smart sensors, the LeakSMART valve is capable of passing any submersion test by floating because of the watertight seal surrounding its battery compartment.

Quick detection and alerts

LeakSmart provides you a simple way to find and stop leaks so that you don’t have to worry about water damage or draining the basement full of water with a sump pump. This is primarily because of its innovative alert and detection system. When the system finds a leak, it will turn off the valve and can then warn you via its audible alarm alert and even through your phone or tablet. And while the sensors do have an audible alert, the volume only works at 78 decibels, which may not be effectively loud if your washing machine is running.

The whole process takes five seconds after finding the leak. The LeakSmart devices do not come with extension cables and wires, so you should know that the actual sensor is required to activate the alarm.

That being said, there is one aspect that easily clarifies where the LeakSmart water detection system can do better, and that is with washing machines. Compared to all the other devices you have in the house, washing machines are the most likely to face leaks. However, the LeakSmart Sensor is too big to be effectively placed and hidden below a washing machine in a compact space.

Remote activity

The LeakSmart water detection system does more than just alert you that you have a leak at home. It also works on the solution by turning off the water valve remotely with the LeakSmart valve.

This remote water protection and leak prevention make the LeakSmart valve a good competitor in the vast water leak detection industry. LeakSmart provides you with a simple way to switch off the water valve, regardless of where you might be. All you have to do is open your mobile app and turn off the valve, despite being out of the home miles away.

App Connectivity

Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, the LeakSmart App allows you to check the whole water system at home. It can allow you to check and see if your LeakSmart system is working or not, and also see if your water valve or the water sensors are working on enough battery power.

You may also utilize the mobile app to customize each of your sensors to stay in two modes. The first is the protect mode that can turn off the water valve as soon as there is a leak detection. The second is the detect the only mode, that can send out an alert without the need of turning off the water valve.  You may also check out the sensor data for every sensor, including optimal data temperature.

You can also use the app to configure the alerts that you wish to receive. There are many alerts available, such as alerts to detect leaks, low battery alarms for the valve as well as the sensors, connection notifications for the valve and sensor, error alerts for valve cycling, and communication alarms for lost systems.

You may also decide who can get all the alerts, and also choose other contacts to receive them.  This is especially useful if you wish to let a partner, your housemate, or a family member tobe a part of your list of contacts to get notified.

The app also provides a guide and instructions that will guide you through the installation and setup, along with a list of events it can find, such as if the valve is open when leaks are found, or if leaks are fixed.


  • Can be connected with different smart-home systems
  • Can be connected with sensors
  • LED and sound alert systems for leak detection
  • Automatic


  • No battery life detection
  • More expensive than other water leak systems

Final Thoughts

Getting alerted about a water leak in your tankless water heater or other home appliances is great, but being able to actually fix it is even better. That’s why the LeakSmart water valve is worth it, even though it’s definitely a bit more expensive than other models. With the LeakSmart automatic shutoff valve, you are able to remotely prevent the water from a leak in case of a flooding situation.

The LeakSmart system is costly for a hub-based water protection service. Even so, it’s currently the only water system that connects with Wink hubs, and it’s the most simple solution if you’re interested in shutting off your water supply as soon as possible. Even with its flaws, the LeakSmart's way of connecting with wider smart-home hubs and this comparatively affordable water shutoff valve solution definitely makes this product stand out.


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