Fleck 64000 Water Softener Review

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Written by Eric

Last Updated: 11/30/2020

Fleck 64,000 Water Softener

Fleck 64,000 Water SoftenerHave you ever heard about hard water? You might have come in contact with it without even knowing. Hard water is a term used to describe water that is filled with minerals, like magnesium and calcium, and while you won’t see these minerals to know that the water is hard, you will instantly realize that you’re dealing with hard water once you use it.Unfortunately, hard water tends to clog water pipes due to the mineral accumulation left behind and it also prevents soaps from lathering well.So, when you see these signs,then you are most likely dealing with hard water.

Luckily, a special type of filter, called the “Water Softener” was developed to eliminate the hardness in hard water by removing the hard elements in it before it is circulated for use. In this article, we will be reviewing the Fleck 64,000 Water Softener. Manufactured by Fleck, which with more than 25 years of consistent brilliance, has risen to the top of the industry, you can rest assured that this is a high-quality product.But, while the Fleck 64,000 Water Softener is an affordable, high-end product, it is only suitable for people with extremely hard water.

However, in addition to the Fleck 64,000, there are other excellent models of water softeners available, and another similar product that also caught our attention during our research is the Aquios FS-220 Salt-Free Water Softener. Featuring a bit smaller size compared to the Fleck 64,000 and given that its operation doesn’t require the use of salt, this product is a bit different.Of course,that doesn’t take anything away from their similarities, but most of our focus will be placed on the Fleck 64,000 in this article.

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  • The resin is already loaded in the tank
  • High grain capacity
  • Metered control head
  • Upgraded paddle wheel meter


  • The resin is about 8%
  • The water softener does not remove sulfur.

Key Features

Knowing what to expect in a product is important before you make your purchase decision. We have done some research and you will be reading about the features of the product in subsequent paragraphs.

Method of Water Softening

The Fleck 64,000 works by swapping unpleasant minerals like calcium and magnesium with harmless sodium ions. This is done in a process called ion exchange, which ensures that the water becomes softened and better for use.

Metered Regeneration

It is important to note that because of the ion exchange, the appliance will sooner or later reach its limit and self-cleansing will have to be done. During the process of self-cleansing, the machine is unusable, which can be a problem during your first period of using the product. However, this problem can be eliminated by studying the machine and knowing how long it takes to regenerate so that you can prepare ahead. In addition, the Fleck 64K allows you to pick the regenerating start time when it reaches a certain capacity, which is more preferable because you do not have to wait until it reaches its full capacity.

Digital Monitor

This appliance has a digital monitor with different modes and settings, which include how much soft water remains; diagnostics indicator;setup for regeneration,capacity,and time; and other programmable options. Apart from these modes or settings, the digital monitor has 48-hour reserve energy to counter situations of unexpected power outages. The interface is also user-friendly and can easily be grasped by anybody.


To assure you that the Fleck Company makes quality products, the company has put a warranty of 5 years on the valves and 10 years on the tanks. This further boosts the confidence of the buyers as there are not many companies that can give that much warranty time on their water softeners.

Resin Capacity

The Fleck 64K water softener has a resin capacity of 1.5 cubicfeet, which shows how many harmless minerals are available for exchange. The regeneration process of the water softener will begin immediately when the resin capacity is fully used. It is noteworthy that the amount of the resin is enough to serve four people easily and the usage can be rationed among a group of six.

Brine Tank

The brine tank of the water softener aids the cleaning of the resin when the regeneration process is on. The brine tank of this particular water softener measures 15” x17”x33” in size. It can hold up to 250 pounds of pelleted salt, which is enough to last four people for more than 3 months. Furthermore, the tank also prevents overfilling because of its safety float feature. To round it up, the tank features an overflow drain that reduces the chance of creating a mess during filling.

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate of this appliance is over 18 gallons per minute (GPM), which should be more than enough for most homes. However, commercial facilities like restaurants and hotels might need more water and they might have to install an additional water softener.

Troubleshooting the Fleck 64K Water Softener.

Problem Possible Cause Of problem Possible Solution

  • Water softener not regenerating
  • Power Failure
  • Bad Timer
  • Have the timer reset
  • Change the timer
  • The pressure of water not enough
  • Inlet control clogged
  • Remove the piston and have it cleaned
  • Too much salt being consumed
  • Wrong salt setting
  • Check salt usage setting and adjust accordingly
  • Water is still hard
  • Insufficient salt in the brine tank
  • Injector screen is clogged
  • Add more salt to the brine tank
  • Clean the injector screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers or prospective customers usually ask some questions about this product. We will be picking some of the most asked questions and we will be providing their answers and hope you find them useful.

Question: Does this product regenerate upwardly or downwardly?
Answer: The Fleck 64K water softener regenerates in a downward flow manner.

Question: Can potassium be used as a substitute of salt?
Answer: Yes,it can be used but it requires the hard water number being increased.

Question: What type of bypass valve does it have?
Answer: It has a plastic bypass valve.

Question: How long does it take for the water to soften after installing the appliance?
Answer: If the water is cold, it softens immediately; but hot water takes days.

Question: Can I connect this water softener to PVC pipes?
Answer: Yes, you can if the PVC is compatible.

Question: Why is the water from the softener salty?
Answer: This is because the hard water is filled with too much calcium and the more calcium in the water, the saltier the softened water will be.

Question: How can I fix my salty water problem?
Answer: You can buy a reverse osmosis unit to use if you will be drinking the water.

Question: Should pellets or crystals be used with this unit?
Answer: It can use both, but pellets are usually recommended.

Question: What is the GPM of this product?
Answer: 14-16 GPM

Question: Can it be installed outside?
Answer: Yes, but you have to get additional environmental cover for it.

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What Are the Customers Saying?

The review of this product will not be complete if we do not incorporate the views of the customers in this article. This is why we will be writing about what most of the customers appreciate and dislike about the Fleck 64,000 water softener below.

Ease of Use

Customers noted that Fleck 64,000 is easy to install and the majority of responding customers made comments that they didn’t have to employ the services of plumbers. All they had to do was to watch YouTube videos and it was set up with no fuss. A lot of other customers also said that it has an easy-to-use interface that allowed them to operate the appliance almost immediately after installation.


Consumers who have used other products before the Fleck 64,000 commented that the price of the Fleck 64,000 is more reasonable in relation to its functions. It was implied that the product delivers more value for money compared to some of the previous products they used.

Quick Delivery

You might be wondering how long it took to deliver the product. We wondered about that, too, and we filtered through numerous comments and it was relieving to hear from various customers that the products were delivered before schedule.

Works Well

It was a general consensus among the users that the appliance does the job it is made to do quite well. Most users said that all their hard-water problems were solved immediately after installation.

Great Customer Service

The customer service was said to be great and that the people in charge of customer service try as much as possible to reply to complaints or questions in good time. In addition, solutions to problems were also proffered in no time. It was also hinted that the customer care officials are very friendly and ready to assist customers.

Faulty Brine Tank

One negative review that was seen multiple times is the case of the faulty brine tank. The brine tank was said to have leaked on multiple occasions. It was also said that after complaining to the manufacturers, they tried to help solve the problem by proffering solutions, but some still complained that it was all to no avail and they had to reconstruct the brine tank.


This appliance was said to be able to serve a family of four effectively. The size of the brine tank was particularly commended because it can house 250 lb. of pelleted salt, which is more than enough to last a family of four for more than 3 months.

Final Words

From everything you’ve read in this article about the Fleck 64,000 water softener, you can agree with us that it is a good product. It promises multiple functions, quick water-softening action, and a large brine tank. Interestingly, the manufacturers also made the product with the thought of unexpected power failure in mind because it boasts a 48-hour power reserve. Additionally, this product can be easily installed through the step-by-step instructions provided by the manufacturer.

While some might disagree with us, but in comparing the Fleck 64K water softener with the Iron Pro 64K Combination Iron softener, the Fleck 64K looks like a better value for the money. This is because they have almost the same functions and the Fleck 64K is still very much cheaper. In addition, the Fleck 64K can comfortably serve more than a family of 4, but using the Iron Pro 64K product for a family of five will be a big stretch.

We hope you have learneda few things about the Fleck 64K water softener from this article. The quality is assured and this is reflected by the 5- and 10-year warranty on the valve and tank, respectively. The product is also not expensive in comparison to other products in the same function range. In conclusion, we have to chip in that this is one product on which you won’t regret spending your money.


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