Delta 9178T-RB-DST Leland Single-Handle Touch2O Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Review

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Written by Eric

Last Updated: 11/30/2020

Delta 9178T-RB-DST Leland Single-Handle Touch2O Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Review
This elegantly styled oil rubbed bronze touchless kitchen faucet will easily match nearly any décor style you have in your kitchen. However, if the rich dark colors of the Venetian Bronze finish don’t work for you, you have three other options in the Leland Touch2O family to choose from. 

Arctic Stainless has a dark shine to it that gives you the classic shimmer of stainless steel with a darker sheen. 

Chrome is a high-shine classic look that will brighten any room. The SpotShield Stainless finish gives you the bright shine of stainless steel with a protective coat that blocks fingerprints and water spotting.

The gooseneck spout arches above your kitchen sink to give you plenty of room to work, as the sprayer head pulls double duty as the spigot. 

But don’t worry that it will get knocked loose. Delta’s signature MagnaTite Sprayhead docking system ensures that it will stay in place until you need it. When it comes to cleaning, Delta provides two modes of spray. An aerated stream is the primary mode, but the ShieldSpray provides a powerful stream of cleaning spray inside a protective outer spray barrier. This combination means that you get 90% less splatter than with a standard sprayer.

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That’s not the end of the technological advances that Delta brings to this top kitchen faucet either. The most obvious is the touch sensitive system that lets you turn the faucet on and off with just the touch of your hand.

When you’ve been cleaning and your hands are filthy, this will help prevent fingerprints or cross contamination in your kitchen. Another innovation is the patented Diamond Seal ceramic disc valves that give leak free operation for about one million operations of the faucet.

How Do Touch Faucets Work?

As one of the newest features of kitchen faucets, you might wonder how exactly a touch faucet works. Is it magnets? Is it magic? Not to worry, it’s just good old fashioned science and electronics working together in four distinct parts. In order to bring you a touch activated faucet, you need a sensor to detect when you touch the faucet, a valve that responds to the sensor, and some place to hold all the controls. Lastly, you need a power source to keep everything running. Here’s how they work together.

When you touch the faucet, it relies on something called capacitance. Capacitance is a measure of how electricity flows through something. The faucet has a small electric current that is running through it at all times. Don’t worry, the voltage is tiny and it can’t hurt you. When you touch the faucet, you change the capacitance, because now the electricity is running through you instead of just the faucet. The sensor picks up on this change and sends a signal to the valve.

The valve is a solenoid, and that just means that it is turned on and off by an electrical signal. If it’s open and receives a signal, it closes. And vice-versa, if it’s closed and receives a signal, it opens. This valve is contained in the box that goes underneath the sink when you install the faucet. That’s also where you plug in the battery box or the usually optional AC adaptor. The battery box is usually installed on the sidewall of the area underneath your sink.


The purchase of a kitchen faucet is a decision that will last you for a long time. That means it’s important that you are able to find the best faucet for your family and your home. That’s why we list the significant features of the faucet here so you can easily compare it to our other faucet reviews.

  • Dimensions:
    • Spout Height: 7-7/8 inches
    • Spout Reach: 9-3/16 inches
    • Overall Height: 14-7/8inches
  • Hose Length: 54 inches
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
  • Water Connection Size: 3/8 inch
  • Faucet Hole Size: 1-3/8 inch
  • Diamond Valve Cartridges
  • Includes escutcheon for installation in 3-hole systems
  • Touch2O system powered by 6 AA batteries (included) or optional 9v AC adaptor
  • Delta Technology
    • Diamond Valve Cartridges
    • Innoflex PEX Integrated Supply Lines
    • Touch2O Touch-Activation
    • TempSense LED Base Light
    • MagnaTite Sprayhead Dock
    • ShieldSpray Technology
  • Lifetime Warranty / 5-Year Warranty on Electronics
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With the Touch2O system, you’re probably already sold on this kitchen faucet. And that’s not even touching on the host of other technological innovations that have made it into this faucet. However, if you’re still unsure, we have a bevy of pull-down kitchen sink faucet reviews for you to peruse. And as always, if you have any questions about any of our reviews, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.


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