Brita 36396 Monterey 10 Cup Blue Water Pitcher Filter Review

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020

Brita 36396 Monterey 10 Cup Blue Water Pitcher Filter Review

Brita 36396 Monterey 10 Cup Blue Water Pitcher Filter Review Product Overview

The Brita 36396 Monterey 10 Cup Blue Water Pitcher Filter is a great water pitcher for families. It removes bad tastes from the water that are caused by impurities. This model of water filter pitcher comes in a blue color and is made in a compact design which is perfect for small fridge shelves. Although the size is made to save space, it has a high enough capacity to hold ten cups of water. Ten cups of water is average for this type of water filter and is the perfect size for most families.

Using this water filter will encourage you and your family to drink more water because the water tastes amazing. Not only that, but switching to a Brita filter is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. Plastic water bottles are one of the leading sources of plastic in the ocean. By eliminating your use of plastic water bottles you will not only save hundreds of dollars every year, but you will also be helping to save the environment.

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Unlike other water filters which only improve the taste of the water, this water filter by Brita is made to reduce heavy chemicals in the ater such as lead which are bad for your health. Children and pregnant women may be the most affected by these chemicals in the water as pollution can cause birth defects and developmental issues. Even the healthiest adults can suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue, and even more serious health problems such as cancer caused by impurities in the water.


  • Certified to Reduce Lead and Heavy Metals

Lead and heavy metals in tap water are among the leading causes of illness caused by water impurities. The effects of lead can vary and are worse in children. This water filter has been tested and certified by the WQA as being able to reduce the amount of lead in the water. Using this water filter is a great step towards protecting your family from the effects of lead poisoning. It removes 99% of lead from the water and can reduce the amount of other metals as well.

In addition to reducing the amount of lead in the water, this water filter pitcher can also remove other types of heavy metals which helps to reduce bad tastes in the water in addition to making it healthier to drink.

Cadmium, mercury, benzene, and asbestos are among chemicals and metals that are commonly found in lead water and this filter will reduce all of them. It also will reduce the taste and odor that is caused by chlorine which is frequently used in water plants as part of the purification process.

  • Filter Change Reminder Helps You Keep Track

Brita filter pitchers should only be used with official Brita filters in order to get the best results. Each Brita filter will come with a filter change indicator that helps you keep track of when it is getting close to time to change the filter. The Brita Longlast filters which are used in this filter pitcher are able to be used for up to six months which is three times longer than many of the other filter systems available on the market.

This filter lasts longer than other filters and will save you money over time. It is easy to keep track of when it is time to replace the filter because the indicator will let you know. You only have to replace the filter twice a year which makes this one of the most hassle-free water filter pitchers available.

The filter change indicator is electronic and very easy to use and read. Having this kind of filter change indicator is a high-tech addition that makes this water filter even better. Each filter has a capacity of filtering 120 gallons of water.

  • One of the Best Filters on the Market

This Brita filter pitcher is one of the best filters available on the market. It lasts for six months which is a super long time compared to other filters which usually need to be changed every two months. It removes all sorts of metals and 99% of lead. The filtration process makes the water taste great as well as reducing any metallic smell. Even the clarity and look of the water will improve through using this high-quality water filter.

The filter has been appraised by multiple third parties and certified to do an efficient job of removing particles and metals from the water. It filters 120 gallons of water per each filter and is easy to use. Unlike other filters, there is no pre-soak required for this Brita filter, which means that there is even less hassle. This is one of the easiest filters to use and it has the best results. All you have to do to install the filter is insert it into the filter chamber and press it firmly into place.

  • Use Less Plastic By Switching to a Brita Filter

Each Longlast filter is equivalent to the amount of water in 900 water bottles. By switching to using a Brita filter instead of water bottles you will drastically cut down on the amount of plastic waste that you are producing. You can feel good about switching to a water pitcher filter instead of water bottles because your environmental footprint will be reduced.

Water bottles are among the number one sources of plastic in the oceans and are the least efficient way to provide water to you and your family. Brita filters will save you tons of money over time as well compared with water bottles and even compared with other filter systems, because the filter in this pitcher only needs to be replaced every six months.

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  • Takes Up Space

This water pitcher filter is a large size that is perfect for families. It has a capacity of ten cups of water at a time. Although it is made to be compact and space-saving, the round design may be difficult to fit in some fridges compared with a longer, thinner sized pitcher which can fit in the door more easily. For a miniature fridge, a water pitcher of this size may not be appropriate either. Be sure to check the dimensions of your fridge and of the water pitcher filter before purchasing.


The Brita 36396 Monterey 10 Cup Blue Water Pitcher Filter has a stylish look and a compact size. It holds ten cups of water which is a perfect amount for most families. It uses Longlast filters by Brita which last six months each, so you only have to change out the filter twice a year. You do not have to guess when the filter needs replacement, because the water filter will indicate the time left with that filter via the digital water filter replacement indicator.

It has never been easier to provide you and your family with clean water than it is with a high-quality new Brita water pitcher filter. These types of water pitchers are great because they not only improve the taste and clarity of your tap water but they also will remove particles from the water and metals that could have health effects over time. Using a Brita water filter will save you money compared with using water bottles, and even with using other water filter systems.

This is an efficient way to provide your household with the best quality water. This filter has been tested and certified by unbiased third parties as being able to remove 99% of lead from the water as well as removing chlorine and other metals. This Brita filter transforms your tap water. Using this high-quality water pitcher filter can even help to encourage you and your family to drink more water and improve your health overall because the water tastes amazing.


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