5 Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet Reviews of 2020 – (Comparison & Buying Guide)

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Written by Eric

Last Updated: 11/12/2020

Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet Reviews

In this handy buying guide an overview is given of what a macerating toilet is, why you should get one, what the best macerating toilet is, and what features to look for in a macerating toilet. This buying guide also includes reviews for the best macerating toilets currently available. Our unbiased reviews are only for the top-rated toilets that are currently on the market. Each of the upflush toilets included in this macerating toilet buying guide have been tested and certified as safe, long-lasting, and efficient by third parties.

A macerating toilet can be slightly more expensive than a regular toilet, but they work much the same way. The only difference between a macerating toilet and a regular toilet is the manner of which they dispose of waste. While a regular toilet relies on gravity to draw the flushed waste down into a sewer or septic tank, a macerating toilet can be installed below the sewer line because it does not rely on gravity. When a macerating toilet is flushed the contents go into a macerating chamber where the human waste and tissue paper are reduced to a liquid which can be easily pumped with an air pump up to the main sewer line.

Not only do macerating toilets allow you to install toilets in places where you did not think possible, but they also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles so you can customize the look and function to your bathroom. The toilet can be the focal point of the bathroom and your personal expression does not have to stop at the bathroom. Here are some of the most beautiful modern and stylish upflush toilets currently on the market.

Top-Rated Macerating Toilet Reviews

  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Water Consumption: N/A
  • Flush Type: N/A
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Saniflo SaniPLUS
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Flush Type: N/A
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Two year parts warranty

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, White
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Saniflo 023 Sanicompact
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Material: Porcelain Toilets
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW 115VESW Macerating Toilet
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Flush Type: N/A
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Macerating Toilet, Round 115V
  • 5 Customer Rating
  • Liberty Macerating
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Flush Type: N/A
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers


SANIFLO SANIACCESS 2 UPFLUSH MACERATOR PUMP + ROUND TOILET KITThis is a classic styled white finish round seated toilet that has a macerator pump. This upflush toilet has one of the quietest upflush pumps currently on the market. The toilet looks completely normal and your guests likely will not notice that there is anything different about it. Saniflo toilets are made with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. They also make this same toilet with an elongated seat instead of a round seat.

This is a great toilet for half-baths as it makes the most out of the space because it is a slightly smaller size than the SANIACCESS 3 which is a larger version of this model. It has easy access panels so you can clean and adjust the blades and other internal components of the macerator. When you purchase this toilet it comes with the toilet, toilet seat, tank kit, and upflush pump.

This is a toilet that is perfect for small bathrooms/half bathrooms and can be installed up to 15 feet below the sewer line. The installation process is fairly simple even for DIY home improvers and requires only four connections. The instruction manual easily walks you through how to make each of the connections for installation.


  • Round toilet bowl.
  • White finish.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy to install.
  • Insulated toilet tank.

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Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)This standard bowl macerating toilet from Saniflo is versatile enough to be installed almost anywhere without having to mess up the floor. When you order this toilet kit it comes with the toilet bowl, the toilet macerating pump, and the toilet lid/seat. Saniflo makes a variety of hygienic toilets such as this one, and this same toilet is available with other types of seats and other customizable variations.

The shipping process for this product ensures that it arrives in the correct condition as it is hand-packed professionally with foam padding and delivered directly to your door. The company will work with you to ensure the best pick up location and time and they offer deals on shipping costs. When you order a toilet for Saniflo you can rest assured it will be delivered as promised.

This toilet consumes only 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is less than average, meaning that this toilet is better for the environment and will save you more money in comparison with other toilet models. Conserving water is the eco-friendly choice and it also saves you money on your monthly water bill.

The installation process for this toilet is super simple and requires only four connections which the guide can easily walk you through. The moving parts in the system are kept to a minimum for the most efficient operation. The blades of the macerator operate at 3600 RPM which reduces waste and ejects it. It comes with a 2 year parts warranty.


  • Two year parts warranty.
  • Efficient motor.
  • Macerator pump.
  • Install a toilet almost anywhere.
  • Foam packed shipping.
  • 1.6 gallons per flush.

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Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, White

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, WhiteThis compact version of a Saniflo toilet allows you to have all the benefits of a Saniflo toilet but in a smaller size which is perfect for small spaces such as a half bathroom. It has a classic white color and a one-piece design that is easy to clean and will fit almost anywhere. This toilet uses the absolute minimum amount of water to help protect the environment and save you money on your water bill.

You can order the product with or without expert installation. The installation process is not super difficult and the manual will walk you through how to make the connections step by step. However, choosing expert installation is probably the most recommended choice because it protects your purchase from several things. First, professional installation will ensure that the toilet operates correctly. A bad DIY installation can cost you money if it affects the efficiency. Second, professional installation will prevent you from accidentally breaking the parts of the toilet which could void the factory warranty.

At just one gallon of water used per flush, this is one of the most water efficient toilets that is currently available on the market for macerating toilets or otherwise. The bowl’s height without a lid is 18.5 inches. It has a compact size and an elegant look. The white bowl has chrome finished accents which add a touch of metallic flair to the modern looking toilet.

This toilet can be installed almost anywhere and was made with accessibility, water conservation, and versatility in mind. It is a completely self contained toilet which requires no toilet tank. There is a button/switch on top of the toilet which begins the maceration at the click of a button and makes it very easy to operate the toilet.


  • Compact size.
  • Self-contained.
  • Tankless toilet.
  • With or without expert installation.
  • Only one gallon of water used per flush.
  • Easy to install.
  • Backflow prevention built in.

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Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW 1/2 HP, 115VESW Macerating Toilet

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW 115VESW Macerating ToiletThis toilet by Liberty Pumps uses advanced RazorCut technology to more thoroughly macerate each batch of waste. Included with your purchase is the toilet bowl and the toilet seat. The toilet has an easy access panel built in which allows you to easily access the blades of the macerator for maintenance without having to take apart any of the plumbing components.

This floor mounted toilet is easy to install and is a convenient size to be installed in a variety of locations. It is perfect for installation in unusual places or in rooms where you do not want to break the floor such as in the case of a concrete floor. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush which is at least 20% more water efficient than normal toilets. It is approved by WaterSense. WaterSense works with the EPA to provide third party certification of water efficiency and conservation for home goods manufacturers.


  • Elongated water bowl.
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Floor mounted.
  • RazorCut maceration.
  • Easy access panel.
  • Instruction guide included.

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Macerating Toilet, Round, 1/2 HP, 115V

Macerating Toilet, Round 115VThis macerating toilet by Liberty looks just like a normal toilet, but has maceration built-in to eliminate waste effectively and efficiently. It comes with the toilet bowl, maceration tank, toilet seat, and an instruction manual to help with installation. It operates just like a normal toilet and even has super quiet operation.

The installation process is straightforward and uncomplicated, but it does have to be precise. It can easily be installed at home by a DIY home improver, but professional installation is recommended as improper installation could break the parts, void your warranty, or make the toilet operate less than efficiently over time. It has backflow protection which keeps backflow from the tank from coming back into the bowl.

This toilet is made with water conservation in mind and uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. You can use this kit to install a toilet almost anywhere without having to break up the floor. It has been approved by WaterSense as at least 20% more water efficient than normal toilets and it comes with such luxury features as built-in LED lights and an alarm.


  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Round toilet bowl.
  • Improved flush performance.
  • 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

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What is a Macerating Toilet and How Does It Work?

Best Macerating (Upflush) ToiletNormal toilet system rely on gravity which draws the waste from the toilet down into a sewer or septic tank. A macerating toilet however works differently and does not rely on gravity at all. The macerating toilet works by first bringing the waste into a maceration chamber where it is reduced to a liquid before it is pumped via an air pump into the main sewer line. A lot of macerating toilets will also allow you to connect them to a sink or bath.

Macerating toilets use a system of blades or another grinding mechanism to chop up and reduce human waste and tissue paper into a slurry that is more easy to dispose of. Maceration is an effective way to treat sewage because it eliminates large tissues that may cause clogs and blockages. One of the main benefits of a macerating toilet is that they allow you to install a toilet below the sewer line or in an untraditional location where a toilet could not normally operate effectively.

Maceration is usually only required when the water pressure is very low and is used to make the waste more easily movable via a pumping system. Macerating toilets are used for toilets that are being installed below the sewer line. Maceration can use a variety of different grinding or chopping mechanism, but the end result is that the waste has been reduced to a more manageable consistency that is easier on plumbing and may save more water than other toilets. There is usually a motor within the inside chamber of the toilet which controls the operation of the blades of the macerator.

The best thing about a macerating toilet is that they do not rely on the power of gravity and hence can be installed almost anywhere. Normal toilets have to be installed above the sewer line so that gravity will pull the waste down into the sewer or septic tank, but not a macerating toilet. With a macerating toilet, the liquefied waste is pumped upwards or sideways into the sewer or septic tank, defying gravity and allowing you to install a toilet below the sewer line such as in a basement.

Not only are macerating toilets great because they are so versatile, but they are also very eco-friendly and efficient. All of the macerating toilets included in this guide are very water efficient as are many of the upflush toilets on the market. In addition to being water efficient, because the waste is liquefied it is easier to manage and dispose of, leaving a much lesser impact on the environment.

For Homes with Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can make it difficult to flush the toilet. It could take a long time for the toilet to flush or the waste may not be efficiently disposed of and linger in the bowl. Whatever the reason for the low water pressure is, for homes with low water pressure a macerating toilet can provide the toilet solution that you need. Low water pressure may prevent you from being able to effectively flush the toilet and eliminate waste. With a macerating toilet, the waste is reduced to a more manageable consistency which can be pumped via an air pump out of the house, making it easy to dispose of the waste without using an inefficient water source. The lower the water pressure, the more powerful the pump will need to be.

  • Macerating toilets use a pressure pump.
  • You will need a stronger pump for lower pressure.
  • Maceration liquifies waste for easy disposal.

For Bathrooms That Are Located Below the Main Drain Line

Normally when the toilet is flushed the waste and tissue paper is deposited into the main sewer line beneath the toilet. This kind of toilet simply relies on gravity to draw the waste into a lower drain. For a toilet to be installed below the main drain line, a macerating toilet can be used which uses an air pump to pump the waste up to the main drain line. The distance that the pump can reach and the power of the pump can vary, so be sure that the toilet that you choose has an adequate pump for your situation.

These kinds of toilets are great because it makes it easier than ever to install a toilet wherever you need it. People with disabilities may need access to a toilet in nontraditional locations which is why the versatility afforded by a macerating toilet is great. You can install these toilets below the main drain line, such as in a basement with concrete floors where you can not install a regular toilet.

Macerating toilets defy gravity by bringing the waste upwards or sideways into the main sewer or septic tank. This is great because it opens up the possibilities of where you can put a macerating toilet in your home. They look and operate almost exactly the same as a regular toilet in all ways, but make it possible to install bathrooms below the main drain line which is the number one reason why people choose a macerating toilet over a traditional one.

  • Macerating toilets do not use gravity.
  • Macerating toilets can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Perfect for basements and bathrooms below the sewer line.

Does Not Rely on Gravity

Unlike regular toilets, macerating toilets do not rely on the power of gravity to dispose of waste. There are several reasons why this is beneficial. The main reason is that not having to rely on gravity makes the installation for a macerating toilet more versatile. You can install a macerating toilet in a basement or anywhere below the sewer line because it uses an air pump to draw the waste up to the main sewer line.

Not relying on gravity means you can install a macerating toilet almost anywhere. Because the waste is not going downwards and instead is either vertically or horizontally pumped to the main sewer line, there is a chance of backflow so be sure to look for macerating toilet models that come with a built-in backflow prevention system. Because upflush toilets do not rely on gravity your options when it comes to installation are completely open. You do not have to install a macerating toilet above the sewer line. You will however need to be sure that the connections are precise.

Breaks Up the Waste

The macerating toilet usually uses a system of stainless steel blades which are operated via a motor. The stainless steel blades turn to “macerate” or chop up the contents of the toilet bowl, reducing waste and tissue to a liquid. Breaking up the waste prevents a clog from occurring, but the main intention is so that it can be more easily pumped up and out of the house into the main sewer line. Because the maceration unit is only made for disposal of human waste and bathroom tissue paper, trying to flush anything down the toilet could cause problems and break the maceration system. The broken up waste is far easier on septic tanks and has a lesser effect on the environment overall. Breaking up the waste liquifies it and removes some of the volume, making the waste disposal process simpler.

  • Maceration liquifies waste.
  • Uses stainless steel blades to chop up waste.
  • Is usually motor operated.
  • Better for the environment.

Features to Consider When Buying a Macerating Toilet

Best Macerating (Upflush) ToiletMacerating toilets are really similar to traditional toilets in some ways. They come in many of the same styles, shapes, and colors and the differences lie in their functionality. Although there are so many options available, shopping for the best macerating toilet does not have to be overwhelming. Here we have laid out some of the features you can consider when shopping for a macerating toilet. Macerating toilets are all considered macerating because they use blades or a grinding system to reduce waste to a liquid, but there are lots of variations between toilets. For a toilet you will use every day, you can customize all of the features for your comfort. Here are some of the features to consider when buying a macerating toilet.

Toilet Type and Bowl Style

The first thing to consider when shopping for your macerating toilet is the toilet type and bowl style. The shape and size of the toilet is not just important visually, but will also affect your comfort while using the toilet. Macerating toilets come in all the same variations of toilet types and bowl styles as regular toilets do, so you do not have to settle for a macerating toilet that has an uncomfortable shape or style for you.

  • Round Bowls

Round bowls are the traditional type of toilet bowl. They make the most out of the space in the room which is why they are very popular for half bathrooms and other small spaces. Round bowls have a nice traditional classic look to them and many people find them to be comfortable. Round bowls are very basic. Round bowls are typically the less expensive choice as they use less materials and are considered to be the “basic” or “traditional” option.

  • Elongated Bowls

Elongated bowls are more popular in modern times and many people find them to be a more comfortable shape than the round toilet bowls. An elongated bowl extends several inches further out into the room, and for an extremely small bathroom this extra space required should be taken into consideration. Elongated bowls are the more modern option and are most comfortable for most people. The downside to an elongated bowl is that they may be more expensive and take up more room than a round standard bowl. Elongated bowls are sometimes easier to clean than a round bowl as well.

Toilet Styles

Toilet styles can vary from the classic to the luxurious and avant garde. The toilets in this guide have mostly traditional styles to them, but some are also more modern with such cool features such as a tankless design. There are many styles of toilets available for macerating toilets so you do not have to settle. The toilet can be an expression of your personal style in the same way as any of your other home decor, and since it gets daily use you should choose the right toilet for you. There are pros and cons to the different toilet styles, and here are a couple of them to give you a better idea of what to shop for.

  • One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are also called tankless toilets. While a traditional toilet features a toilet bowl and a tank, which holds water that is used for flushing, a one-piece toilet does not have a tank. There are a lot of benefits to a tankless design. The first is that it takes up less space. A one-piece toilet often installs directly into the ground and it may not have any back part to it at all. The design of a one-piece toilet is sleeker and more visually appealing than a two-piece toilet.

The one-piece toilet is often easier to clean because it does not have a crack in between the tank and the bowl which can become dirty. With the reduced creases and edges, it is easy to run a cloth over the surface of the one-piece toilet and remove build-up without any scrubbing hard to reach places. Sometimes one-piece toilets are more water efficient than two-piece toilets since they do not draw water into a chamber and instead only use the exact amount of water needed at a time.

The installation process for a one piece toilet is faster and less complicated than a two-piece toilet. However you can expect to spend significantly more on a one-piece toilet instead of a traditional two-piece toilet. The shipping process for a one-piece toilet could be more complicated because since it is all one piece with no separate components the toilet itself may be larger and heavier hence harder to transport.

  • Two-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are the traditional style of toilet which feature both a tank and a bowl. There are some benefits to a two-piece toilet as well. They are the most common type so it is easy to find replacement parts for a two-piece toilet. Plumbers are also very experienced at working on two-piece toilets. A lot of people prefer the traditional look and style of a two-piece toilet as well.

Two-piece toilets are usually less expensive than a one-piece toilet, and the price difference can be staggering. One of the other benefits of a two-piece toilet is that the tank and bowl could be purchased separately such as in the case of the toilet bowl being broken, versus with a one-piece toilet if the toilet bowl breaks the entire uniti will require replacement and not just that one part.

The installation process for a two-piece toilet can be more time consuming than a one-piece toilet. This is partially due to the fact that a two-piece toilet has a larger size than a one-piece toilet. The one-piece toilet installs directly into the ground usually and because it is only one piece requires a less complicated installation process. However, a two-piece toilet is more common so plumbers and installers may be more experienced at this kind of installation.

Flushing and Water Consumption

The amount of water used by a toilet is generally expressed as “gallons per flush”. The average toilet can use up to three gallons per flush. All of the toilets in this guide use less than two gallons of water and are very efficient. One thing that you can look for while shopping for a new toilet is the WaterSense logo. All home goods such as sinks and toilets that use water are evaluated by WaterSense for water conservation. They work with the EPA, the environmental protection agency, to promote water conservation and efficiency in home appliances.

WaterSense approved products are up to standard with industry expectations of water efficiency and are generally at least 20% more efficient than a regular toilet. Consuming less water is not only good for your bank account as wasted water can add up on your water bill, but it is also important for the environment. Harvesting water can be harsh on our natural ecosystems which is why reducing our intake of water is important for sustainability. Choosing a toilet that is water efficient will keep your costs low and also protect the Earth.

Blades Quantity

The maceration inside of the chamber occurs because a series of stainless steel or another metal blades chop up the waste. The amount of blades may be indicative of how powerful the machine is. With more blades the macerator can make faster work of liquifying the waste. The finer the waste has been macerated the easier it will be for the pump to carry it to the sewer line. The quantity and quality of the blades will affect the output, and the more blades the better as long as they are of good quality and are operated via a powerful motor.

Tank Volume

The tank volume refers to the size and amount of water held by the tank. For a two-piece toilet water is held in the tank which is used to flush the waste down the toilet. A higher volume tank may provide more water pressure for flushing, but will increase your water consumption. A lot of people prefer tankless designs because they only use the amount of water needed and do not hold water in a tank. The size of the tank in regards to the volume also matters because it will take up space in the bathroom and you will need to account for where it will fit.


There are many design variations between macerating toilets. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and the features can vary as well. Some toilets include such options as different finishes, tankless designs, and different shapes. The toilet can become the focal point of the bathroom and there are lots of great looking units out there. Your personal style and expression do not have to stop at the bathroom and you can express yourself through the design of your toilet. Sleek, one-piece toilets have a modern look whereas a traditional white toilet with a tank will look great in a classic style home.

Macerating Pump

The macerating pump refers to the pump that is used to bring the macerated or liquified waste up to the sewer line for disposal. The lower the water pressure in the home the higher the pressure of the pump will need to be. The amount of rotations per minute and the length of space that the pump can cover will be included in the product listings and comparing the difference between the models with reviews can help you figure out the best one.

The macerating pump is important to the function of the toilet and you will want to be sure that it is powerful enough to bring the waste to the sewer line. The macerating pump may be the most important feature that affects the price, as the power of the macerating pump is what determines the efficiency of the system. You should also look for a macerating pump that comes with a backflow protection. Since the flow of the waste is reversed and goes upwards or sideways instead of down, there is a chance of backflow into the tank or bowl occuring.

Is hardware included?

When shopping for a toilet you should keep in mind that not every kit will come with everything you need for installation. Sometimes you will have to purchase certain components separately for the toilet which will affect the overall costs and time spent shopping. The best thing to do is look for toilets which come with all the necessary hardware because this eliminates the hassle of trying to figure out what exactly you need.

If the toilet does not come with all the necessary hardware, they should provide you with some information on what additional parts are needed and are compatible with your toilet. You can often contact the customer service department of the manufacturer to find out more about what kind of hardware is needed for the installation of their toilets and whether or not additional purchases are required. Buying a toilet with the hardware included guarantees that all of the parts will work correctly together.


When shopping for toilets or any other expensive appliance, electronic, or home good, you should always consider what warranty options are available. A good warranty may pay for itself time and time again in terms of repairs and parts replacements. Most of the companies included in this buying guide will include some sort of free factory warranty with the purchase. A free factory warranty typically protects your purchase against parts defects and shipping damages and will guarantee excellent performance for a certain amount of time after purchasing.

The best warranties are free and include a lifetime guarantee, but a warranty of between one to three years is typical for these kinds of toilets. You may also be able to purchase extended warranties from the manufacturer which is why it is a good idea to contact their customer service team directly to find out how to get the most benefits. If you are spending over $100 on a product such as this, you deserve to have a warranty which protects your purchase.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Macerating Toilet

Macerating toilets can be slightly more expensive than a regular toilet, so why would anyone buy one? Here are some of the pros and cons to buying a macerating toilet for your home.


  • Fighting Gravity

Unlike a traditional toilet system which relies on the power of gravity to pull waste down into a sewer or septic tank, a macerating toilet uses an air pump to deliver the waste upwards or sideways. This way, you can install a bathroom almost anywhere. For those with disabilities who need a toilet in a basement or another unconventional place, this is a huge benefit. For cement floors a macerating toilet is also a great option because it allows you to install a toilet without breaking up the floor. This is probably the biggest benefit to a macerating toilet.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Macerating toilets are very water efficient. They do not use a ton of energy and the amount of water per flush used is very low compared with traditional toilets. Because they reduce the waste to a liquid it makes the waste more manageable and hence reduces the environmental impact as well. All of the toilets in this guide are very environmentally friendly and almost all have been rated by WaterSense, which is a third party agency which provides third party evaluation of water conservancy for home goods and appliances.

  • Easy Installation

Installation for a macerating toilet is very simple and is no more complicated than a traditional toilet. While professional expert installation is always recommended, a macerating toilet can be easily installed by an inexperienced home improvement DIYer without the help of a plumber in less than a day. Because you will not have to break up the floor to install this toilet it may be an easier installation as well. The most important part of the installation is ensuring that precise connections are made.


  • The pumps need to be maintained regularly.

The pumps bring the waste from the toilet to the main sewer or septic tank. For the toilet to operate efficiently, the pumps will need to be maintained regularly. However this is really the only maintenance required as the motor and blades of the macerator are self-oiled. You will need to use a specific type of cleaner for the pumps because foaming soaps can cause problems. For the best results, you should contact the manufacturer to figure out if they sell a cleaner or if they recommend a cleaner. Vinegar also works nicely as an all-natural cleaning solution.

  • You have to make sure that it does not run dry.

If the toilet runs dry it could cause serious problems for the system and even break the toilet. To prevent this, always make sure that the water line is turned on before you flush the toilet. If the water has been cut off you should also avoid using the toilet. Running the toilet dry is dangerous for the system which is why sometimes macerating toilets include alarms or LED lights that indicate whether or not you should use it.

Macerating Toilet Maintenance Tips

The maintenance for a macerating toilet is very easy. You will want to keep the outside of the toilet as clean as possible, and if the macerator has an easy access panel you will want to clean inside of there regularly as well. The motor for a macerating toilet generally does not require any maintenance and should operate efficiently for the lifetime of the toilet.

The best way to ensure that your macerating toilets runs well for years to come is to be sure to never flush non paper items down the toilet. Only human waste and tissue paper will be effectively macerated, and disposing of other objects down a macerating toilet could cause clogs and even break the macerating unit. Although some bath wipes advertise as being flushable, “flushable” wipes should be avoided for use with a macerating toilet as they could prove to be tough to macerate.

Another thing to be aware of is that you may need to use a specific type of cleaner for your macerating toilet. Foaming cleaners may cause an issue in the macerating chamber. You should check with the maker of the toilet to find out what kind of cleaning products they recommend. Using vinegar is a simple and eco-friendly cleaning solution that is completely safe for use with a macerating toilet. Contacting the manufacturer is the best way to know for sure what kind of cleaning materials are safe to use with your toilet.

How to Install a Macerating Toilet

The installation process for a macerating toilet is not more difficult than installing a normal toilet. Even an inexperienced home improvement DIYer should be able to handle the installation of a macerating toilet without the help of a professional installer and with only a few basic tools. Reviewing visual guides such as videos online is super helpful for DIY installations. Sometimes the manufacturer will include the cost of installation in the up front price of the toilet so you do not have to worry about.

Although installation is relatively uncomplicated, the most important thing is that the installation be very precise. This is why professional installation is recommended if at all possible. A mistake made in installation could cost you money down the line if the toilet operates less than efficiently or if the parts break. Hiring a professional plumber to help with installation also helps to ensure that your warranty will not be accidentally voided by damaging the parts during a DIY installation.

If you do install the macerating toilet yourself, the most important thing is to be precise in the connections. You will need to make several connections to install the toilet and it is necessary that the precise measurements and connectors are used for the best results. The maintenance for a macerating toilet is uncomplicated and will not take much time. The best way to keep it working in the best condition is to be sure not to flush the wrong things down the toilet.

Macerating Toilets Comparison Chart

Macerating ToiletWater ConsumptionWeightShapeRating
SANIFLO SANIACCESS 2N/A2.2 pounds Round 9
Saniflo SaniPLUS1.6 GPF99.7 pounds Elongated 8
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact1.6 GPF62.2 pounds Elongated 8
Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW1.28 GPF 110 pounds Elongated 8
Liberty Macerating1.28 GPF150 pounds Round 8


The macerating toilets which we have included in this guide are some of the best models of toilets that are currently available on the market. They each have unique features, but what they all have in common is that they have a powerful and efficient maceration system and are made by reputable manufacturers. By comparing and contrasting these reviews you can get a better idea of what options are available for a high-quality macerating toilet.

Macerating toilets are a great solution for bathrooms that are below the sewer line. You can install a macerating toilet almost anywhere. They work by reducing the waste to a liquid which is easy to pump through an air pump and into the main sewer. You can use a macerating toilet in situations where a regular toilet can not be installed because the floor is made out of concrete. A macerating toilet defies gravity by delivering the waste upwards or horizontally out of the house and into the sewer or septic tank.

After reading this handy upflush toilet buying guide we hope that you will have an easier time finding the best macerating toilet for your bathroom. Macerating toilets allow you to install a toilet in places where you did not think possible and they are often more eco-friendly and water conservative than traditional toilets. The style options are endless and include tankless designs. Upflush toilets come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles so you can find a macerating toilet to match any bathroom.



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