7 Best Automatic Shutoff Valve of 2020 – (Reviews & Guides)

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Last Updated: 11/20/2020

Automatic Shutoff Valve

Technology is growing fast and improving our lives every single day and there are countless safety devices released every day. However, many homeowners do not pay much attention to how they can prevent water leak damages and they often disregard the importance of a shut-off valve. Shut off valves are one of the security features that you should invest in if you care about the safety of your valuables and household goods.

Furthermore, with a shut-off valve, you will add an extra layer of security and significantly reduce the chances of huge loss and damages. These units are designed to inform you if there is a leakage or any water problem in your home. It can be difficult to browse through the numerous shut-off vales that are available on the market but in this guide below, you will be able to make an informed buying decision and choose the best shut off valve that fits your home.

Top Automatic Shut-Off  Valves Review

1. The Winner - Best Overall

Guardian Leak Prevention System

Guardian by Elexa Flood Prevention System

  • Automatic Shuttoff Valve
  • Smart Features
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable battery
  • Automatic Shuttoff Valve: This Guardian system is designed to prevent your home from water damages by automatically shut down the water main in your home if the system detects earthquakes, freezing temperatures or leaks.
  • Smart Features: One of its top features is that it can be operated by iOS or Android app. That way, you can use your smartphone to monitor and operate the Guardian where you are. 
  • Easy to Install: It is extremely easy to install this system and you can install the valve controller over your old quarter-turn metal ball valve. Have in mind that your existing metal ball valve has to measure from ½” to 1” because if not, you may have to hire a professional.
  • Durable: Additionally, the Guardian comes with a heavy-duty, 15-year battery to ensure top-notch durability.
  • Moreover, thanks to its extremely long range, the system even works flawlessly if the detector is positioned a thousand feet away if it is located in the line of sight of the main controller.
  • It also contains a backup battery that will work for 12 hours if there is a loss of electric power in your area. The Guardian also works without an internet connection and if you configure the system for offline functionality, the valve control will then shut off your water when the Internet is down. The Guardian is one of the best smart water leak alarm systems on that market today and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. The Runner Up

Phyn Plus Shuttoff and smart leak detector

Phython Plus

  • Automatic Shuttoff
  • Smart Leak Detector
  • Water Usage Monitor
  • Clever App
  • Installed by professional needed

Why we like it: Phyn Plus is a smart leak detection system that secures your home's water line and reports using a mobile app: iOS and Android powered.

Phyn Plus is our runner up and a water damage prevention tool with a capacity of 240 pressure registries per second. Phyn+ can derive accurate data about all potential water leaks in your household with daily and weekly reports about water performance.

The Phyn Plus will increase home security and save you money by notifying you of water usage in individual fixtures such as the dishwasher and the refrigerator. The mobile app provides alerts when it detects leaks and detailed reports on all water performance: As long as you have a Wi FI connection, the Phyn App will keep your water performance around-the-clock.

The Phyn App can identify water-powered appliances throughout the home: Washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, showers, toilets, draining pipes, and others. It keeps track of the water flow in each individual fixture in a millisecond fragment and notifies you of burst pipes - up to 240 signals a second.

Phyn’s app uses the data to identify regular water flow and alert homeowners of irregularities in the water line. The software allows it to detect leaks with laser precision and save you thousands of dollars by alerting you of potential leaks in advance. The Phyn Plus has the most accurate mobile-powered water detection system.

  • How The App Works (iOS & Android)

The Phyn Plus listens to every potential water source in the household and makes calculations in the main valve controller. This monitoring system is connected to your mobile app, and you can instantly find out if there are water leaks in your appliances.

Example: If the dishwasher bursts, the Phyn Plus valve detects a disruption in the normal water line near the dishwasher and alerts you on the mobile app instantly. The tracker can help you identify a water leak in seconds and save you thousands on repairs with fast mitigation. The more you use it, the smarter it becomes as the system becomes acquainted with your smart home.

  • App Daily/Weekly Reports

Phyn's Android and iOS app sends daily and weekly reports for water usage. The app provides detailed reports about appliance irregularities to help you save water. The mobile app provides a "Daily Report" that identifies small leaks such as shower faucet leaks that you may not be aware of.

The “Weekly Reports” analyze the water pressure of the home to let you know if there was a pressure drop compared to last week. This can save you a fortune by helping you identify drips you might have overlooked for months or years.

  • Inside The Box: How To Install

The Phyn Plus is packed in a flashy and sturdy box with lots of package comfort. The box included the Phyn valve, installation toolkit (with screws), wall anchors, cables, adapters, fittings, and a user manual. The package provides everything you need to get started with the Phyn Plus to keep track of burst pipes and irregularities. The valve installation may take up to a few hours, depending on your expertise level.

3. Good Option

LeakSmart Automatic Shut-Off Water Valve Review

LeakSMART Automatic Shut-off

  • Automatic shut Off Valve
  • Works with SmartThings
  • Backup Battery for durability
  • Works with different pipes
  • Available in different sizes

Note: You need the LeakSmart Hub and sensors for this unit to work. Those are sold separately.  

This Automatic Shut-off Valve comes with a one-inch water valve and a leakSMART device. It works by connecting the valve to the hub and sensors. It identifies the water leakages and shut off the main water supply within five seconds.

This immediate action can prevent you from some major loss. Its quick action also makes it suitable to be used at very critical points. It contains various indicators that make you read its status easily including red and green light to indicate close and open status respectively. Its versatile construction allows customers to connect it with different types and materials of pipes.

This leakSMART valve unit is available in different sizes. You can get them in ¾, 1, and 1-1/4 inches in size. It gives the user an ease in choosing the right size. However, the size should be selected carefully. With its battery backup feature, it doesn’t stop working even in electricity breakdown cases. This automatic unit can also work with Wi-Fi, Winks, IRIS, and SmartThings. Besides sending alert notifications on user mobile, it also informs about temperature, battery life, and connectivity.

4. Water Heater Leak Detectors

FloodStop Water Heater Auto-Shutoff Valve

FloodStop Auto Shut-off Valve

  • Works with water heater
  • Easy to Install
  • Automatic Shuttoff Valve

Our next pick is the Flood-Stop Auto Shut-off Valve that prevents water overflow from your water heater. If there is any leak detected from your water heater and the shut-off valve is triggered, the automatic shut-off valve will close immediately. Therefore, it can prevent over two hundred gallons of water pouring into your home and save you thousands of dollars in water damages. Users are extremely happy how easy it is to install this shut-off valve and it should not take you more than 15 minutes in total to set up. To make the installation process even easier, it is best to place the valve between your water heater and the manual shut-off valve.

For optimized performance, you should place the sensor at the base of your water heater unit. The sensor will stay dry and allow water to pass through the heating component. However, once the sensor is triggered and gets wet, it shuts off the valve, blocking the water from passing through the heater and alarms the user with sound. Equipped with immediate shut-off action, you can rest assured that you will be protected leak damages. Additionally, this unit is backed up by FloodStop´s 1-year hassle free warranty.

FloodStop GIDDS-483054

Onsite Products GIDDS-483054 Point Of Use Water Safety Shut-Off Valve for Water Heaters

The FloodStop GIDDS-483054 Shut-off Valve system is designed to take action immediately once it detects water leakages. This unit is manufactured in the USA and constructed both for commercial use and residential use. It contains motorized valves that shut the water system off on detecting any water leakage. Besides shutting off water supply, it also sends an alarm in order to make users aware of the situation. You will be notified with a beep once the sensor is triggered and that way, you will know in time about the leakages.

You can even add more sensors to the system if you want to add an extra layer of security to ensure that there will be no water damages in your house. Have in mind that if you add more sensors, they should be added in series for enhanced results. That way, the system will work extremely efficiently in detecting leakages in different spots. It is very easy to set up this unit and all you need for the installation are the included screws or Velcro.  You can operate and connect the system AC power source and if there will be loss of power in your area, the batteries ensure that the valve system operates flawlessly.

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E-SDS Automatic

E-SDS Automatic Water Leak Shut Off Valve System,Water Leak Detector

This E-SDS Automatic Water Leak Shut-off Valve System works for different appliances. It detects water leakages on them and performs action accordingly by cutting off the water supply. With its wide variety of applications, it can be installed on residential as well as commercial areas. Besides stopping water flow, it also allows on/off button. It contains the manual open/close button and a reset button too. These buttons are required to adjust after you are done with leakage repair. It thus gives users an option to control their system for leakages. It comes with two Brass ¾ inches ball valves that can prevent leakage damages from two points using one system.

It can also perform well with the hot water having the temperature range of less than 100. Furthermore, its installation process is also very simple. You can fix it on the previous working plumbing system. Another worth-mentioning feature of this system is shutting off valve from far away location. In this way, you can still have control over their home appliances even if they aren’t physically present at home. Despite AC power source, it also functions on backup batteries that is helpful in the situation of power failure. It contains 2 sensors to detect leakages at more positions.

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E-SDS Water Leak Detector with Shut-off Valve

E-SDS Water Leak Detector with Shutoff Valve,Sensors and Sounds Alarm,Automatic Water Leak Shut Off Valve System

This E-SDS Water Leak Detector can be installed anywhere or system where leakages are expected. With its versatile construction, you can use it either with any domestic or commercial appliances. In case of sensing any leakage, it firstly shut off the water source and stops water from overflowing. It can be particularly helpful for appliances like washing machine, water heaters, and others. Secondly, it also gives users an opportunity to manually on/off valves along with resetting it. The user needs to press the reset button after fixing the leakage problem. All in all, this unit works in a systematic way to prevent you from leakages or flood damages.

It also offers a variety of features and easiness. You can use this unit even with the hot water tool. It can perform well with the water temperature as high as 100 degrees Centigrade. Moreover, its installation process is very simple. You can set it up even on your existing system. In case, nobody is present at home, this unit allows the user to manually shut off your valves. As soon as water hits the sensor, it shuts off the supply and starts beeping an alarm.

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Wally Wireless Shut-off Valve

Wally Wireless, Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

This automatic water shut-off valve can be combined with Wally Hub and Wally Sensors (not included in price) that will, on detecting any leakage, shut off the water supply immediately. If you also purchase the Wally add-ons, you can open or shut off the valve by using the Wally mobile application. That way, you will not only prevent damages from water leakage, but also operate the system through your mobile phone.

This product comes with wireless sensors and ¾ inches ball valve. Additionally, it automatically sends alerts to the user as text messages or pop-ups to mobile. Moreover, through the Wally Sensor and Wally Hub, the unit still operates efficiently even if there is no Internet or if there is a power outage in your area. This feature is very useful in extreme conditions like a heavy storm or other water disasters.

In order to operate efficiently, this unit uses four CR123 Lithium batteries that should last for at least one year to operate so there is no need to worry about long extension wires or power outlet. On top of this, the shut-off valve is designed to work properly in a temperature range between -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Have in mind that the shut-off valve itself requires professional installation while the separately sold products, the Wally Hub and Wally Sensors, can be easily installed by anyone.

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Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to highlight some important points that can assist you in purchasing the right type of automatic shut off valve for your home or any other property.

How does an automatic shut off valve works?

Automatic water shutoff valves are basically an addition to your existing ball valves. As they are automatic, they work smartly. On detecting water level exceeding its required limit, it shuts off water supply on the spot. Now, this is the feature you won't be able to get from manual valves.

Other than detecting water levels, it also identifies leakages. If any of its sensors face any water, it stops water supply and starts beeping alarm. This alarm thing can assist you in taking immediate repairing actions.

Points to consider before buying

Considering the working of these valves, here are a few aspects that you should consider before purchasing them:

Response time

These automatic valves are installed at critical positions, therefore, their response time matters a lot. There are a few points where even a small amount of water dripping can cause a big loss.

In these cases, it is very important for these automatic shut off valves to respond immediately to water leakage and stops the water supply. If your unit isn't able to perform this action at its right time, your system will not give you any benefit.

Installation process

It is also very important to check the assembly process of your automatic water shut off valve. It is because few come with the procedure that needs replacing the existing system.

Therefore, you should try to go for the unit that can be assembled easily on your existing system. There are many models in the market that can be assembled within minutes. You can also see them in our product reviews section.

Power Source

As your automatic shutoff valves are supposed to work in all situations, it is important to look for its power consumption. What if your system works on AC power only, and you face major power failure?

That’s why you should look for the one that comes with the facility of backup batteries. Units that work on both AC source and batteries are the models you should opt for.

Remote Actions

With the technology developments, there are many units introduced that allows users to operate from their mobile devices. The process takes the help of some apps.

The valves with such features are a great plus. It is because; they give you the full access to your water supply status, even when you aren’t physically present there.

Automatic Shutoff Valve Comparison Chart

Leak DetectorBatteriesBattery Cell TypeWeightRatingPrice
Wally Wireless1 CR123A batteries requiredLithium Metal2 pounds 6N/A
Guardian Leak Prevention System3 Lithium Metal batteries requiredLithium Metal 5.93 pounds 7$$$
FloodStop FS3/4NPTN/AN/A2.25 pounds 7$$
FloodStop GIDDS-483054N/AN/A2.3 pounds 7N/A
E-SDSN/AN/A1.76 pounds 6N/A
E-SDS Water Leak DetectorN/AN/A1.32 pounds 9$
leakSMART4 AA batteries requiredAlkaline 3.15 pounds 8$$


In this advanced world, automatic systems are always a source of great relief. One such system is an automatic shut-off valve. We may come across many water leakage accidents in our routine life. Sometimes, they cause a huge loss that cannot be reversed. In order to prevent these incidents, it is important to take proper safety measures by installing a good automatic shut off valve unit.


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