Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher ReviewProduct Overview

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium-6 Filter is a high-quality water filter that is FDA approved and BPA free. This water filter not only reduces the dissolved solids, chemicals, and pollutants in the water, but it also will greatly improve the taste and clarity of the water. A high-quality water pitcher such as this one can transform your tap water into crystal clear and delicious water that is far healthier than untreated tap water.

Made in the United States out of nontoxic and vegan materials, this is a premium water filter for families that you can depend on for great tasting and healthy water. It has gone through rigorous testing to ensure the best performance and has met and exceeded all industry standards set by the NSF. The NSF, or the Nation Science Foundation, only appraises and certifies the best water filters on the market that are made by reputable manufacturers such as Aquagear. Other filter brands make empty claims, but Aquagear filter systems are backed up by science and engineering by a team of water filtration experts.

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Why You Should Use a Water Filter For Tap Water

Tap water can contain dissolved solids, chemicals, and other pollutants that are unhealthy for human consumption. Using a high-quality water filter such as this is a great way to not only improve the taste and clarity of tap water, but also to ensure that it is healthy for you and your family to consume. Water filters are an affordable way to provide your family with clean water.

Water bottles are an inefficient solution to providing clean water, and the pollution caused by the plastic is detrimental to the environment. An alarming percentage of the amount of plastic in the ocean is caused by water bottles. Switching from water bottles to a water filter for your daily water consumption can save you hundreds of dollars each year and is a decision that you can feel good about.

Included in the types of health effects you could experience from consuming polluted tap water is fatigue, headaches, and even cancer. The quality of the water you drink can have a huge effect on your overall health and the best way to protect yourself is to invest in a high quality water filter. Choosing a great water filter does not have to be difficult, and reviewing water filter pitchers reviews is one way to compare and contrast filters to find the best one for you.


  • Powerful Filtration System

This FDA approved filter uses triple capacity filters which last three times longer than other leading water pitcher filters in the market. This is one of the best water pitcher filters available and it has been certified in all areas as being extremely efficient. Not only does it remove dangerous chemicals from the water such as lead or fluoride, but it also helps to improve the taste and clarity of the water.

You will save tons of money using this filter instead of other leading filters because of how long-lasting each filter is. Each filter used in this filter pitcher system can produce 150 gallons of water each and the savings add up to hundreds of dollars over time. The five step filtration system removes fluoride, lead, chromium, chlorine, and much more. Unlike other water pitchers, this filtration is so advanced that it removes unhealthy dissolved solids, but let’s some healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water.

  • Saves You Money

If you are looking to save money on clean water, switching to this high-quality Aquagear filter is the perfect solution. If you are using water bottles or an inefficient water filter you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars compared to using an Aquagear water filter. The water filter used in this water filter pitcher lasts three times longer than other leading water filters in the market. Water bottles are the least efficient way to provide clean water, and switching to a water filter will save you money and is better for the environment.

  • Protects Against the Effects of Contamination

The health effects of consuming contaminated water can range from digestive problems and fatigue to more serious conditions including cancer. Chemicals such as lead, fluoride, and chlorine in the water can be deposited through old pipes, runoff, and medical waste. In children and pregnant women the effects of contaminated water can be even worse, such as causing birth defects or developmental problems. Using a high-quality water filter is the best way to protect your family from the effects of consuming untreated tap water at an affordable price.

  • Made to Last

Aquagear only uses the highest quality materials in the construction of their water filter pitchers that are certified as safe, durable, and long-lasting. Many water pitchers, filters, and plastic containers for food and liquid contain a plastic called BPA which replicates the effects of estrogen in the human body, which can cause birth defects and other hormonal issues in women and pregnant children.

Even healthy adults can be affected by the effects of BPA poisoning, and because it is found in many containers used for water and food it is up to the consumer to make smart decisions about the quality of containers they use for water. Because the chemicals from the plastic can dissolve into the water, it is very important the water filter pitcher that you choose for you and your family is not only equipped with a high-quality filter, but that the materials the pitcher or container is made out of are also free from plastics that are unhealthy.

  • Lifetime Support

The manufacturer’s customer care team is unmatched. Aquagear is a company that is dedicated to providing the best quality water for your family and if your filter pitcher ever breaks they will replace it for you free of charge. They provide same-day customer support via phone or email. This is a water pitcher filter that you can depend on for clean and healthy water for years to come. The company guarantees that the water pitcher filter will work exactly as promised.

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  • Takes Up Room in the Fridge

This water filter is made to produce a large capacity of drinking water and is perfect for couples and families. It is designed to make the most out of the space, however you will need to account for the amount of space the filter takes up in your fridge. If you have a small fridge or a mini-fridge this may not be the best water filter system for you.


The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium-6 Filter is one of the best water filter pitchers available in the market. It is better than some of the top selling water pitchers both in terms of the quality of the construction and the amount of time the filter lasts. It uses a five-stage filtration system which not only improves the quality and taste of the water, but will also make it much healthier to drink.

It removes chemicals such as fluoride, lead, chlormine, chloride, and chromium, all which have negative health effects, and leaves some minerals behind such as calcium and magnesium which are healthy and make the water taste better. This filter by Aquagear has been certified by the NSF as well as other unbiased third parties as being efficient at removing lead, dissolved solids, and pollution from tap water.

Compared with tap water and with other filters, this water filter will save you money over time. The filter used in the pitcher lasts three times longer than other water pitcher filters and if it ever breaks the company will replace it free of charge. This is a great water pitcher for families and it is made out of FDA-approved and BPA-free materials only.


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