ABCWaters Resin Water Softener Review

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Last Updated: 11/30/2020

ABCWaters Resin Water Softener Review

ABCWaters Resin Water Softener ReviewHard water can cause quite a lot of costly damage to your water heater, and unsightly damage to your dishes. Built-up calcification can cause faucets to work less effectively. To combat these types of problems, many people choose to use water softeners. Water softeners can extend the lifetime of plumbing and eliminate scale build-up in pipes and other fixtures.

The 48k-56sxt-10SS 10% Resin Water Softener, manufactured by ABCWaters, is an appliance that softens hard water by removing calcium, magnesium and other water hardeners. Its small design makes it a space-saver, and it is a great option for homeowners looking to update or replace their previous water softeners.

The ABCWaters brand of water softener system can help you increase the life of your appliances and clothes, as well as decrease dry skin problems. Other pros include:

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  • Resin tank prefilled prior to delivery – You might notice the shipment is quite heavy. That’s because the resin tank comes prefilled for convenience and less mess.
  • Free shipping – The product ships free of charge, which is a great thing due to its considerable weight.
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation with printed instructions and Youtube video – The water softener comes with an installation kit with simple written instructions and a Youtube video for ease of use.
  • Eco-friendly – The system uses less power, which is great for the environment and your wallet.
  • 10% resin, an increase over the standard 8% resin in other water softeners.


  • Tank needs to regenerate water every 7 days – In a smaller household, this can result in water waste.
  • Installation kit doesn’t include all the necessary equipment – Even with an installation kit, you will have to go to the hardware store to purchase anything not included in the kit.
  • The system may be over some people’s budgets, but it’s worth it overall.

Key Features

With so many different water softeners on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your home, family and budget. This product is definitely on the pricier side, but the features more than make up for it. Here are a few key features found in this specific water softener:

American-Made Tanks

A system for the whole house is built with two American-made tanks:a 10-inch mineral tank and a standard brine tank, both black in color. The tanks are both covered by a 10-year warranty.

Hand-made in Arizona by highly trained professionals, the tanks manufactured by ABCWatersare built using the highest quality components.

Tank Preloaded with Resin

ABCWaters is a company focused on simplifying the consumer experience. To that end, the mineral tank comes pre-loaded with resin to reduce the heavy-duty work by the customer when installing. Due to the increased weight this causes the shipment, shipping is free and taken care of by the company.

Electronic Powerhead

Each water softener product manufactured and sold by ABCWaters has an electronic powerhead with push buttons for programming, which removes the guesswork from the equation. The electronic powerhead is used to monitor and measure water consumption digitally.

Upgraded Resin System

The standard resin system is 8%. The 48k-56sxt-10ss Resin Water Softener has a system of 10% resin, an upgrade from the standard water softener on the market. The cross-linked resin system extends the life of the appliance.


Most homes don’t have the space for bulky appliances. This system is a small in diameter but goes far in softening water. Many consumers see results in just a few water cycles. The measurements for the water softener are 10 x 10 x 54 inches, leaving you plenty of room whether you put it in a garage or a storage cupboard.

Outstanding Customer Service

ABCWaters is a company that prides itself on its customer service. If you have a concern or question about its products, you can email or call a representative for a quick response. The company recently began taking advantage of the newer options for tech support by implementing free Facetime support.

Installation Kit and Video

This product includes an installation kit with most of the tools and connectors needed to install the water softener. You may need to run to the hardware store for a few loose ends, but the instruments included in the kit will be a big help.

An installation video is included with your purchase to help you visualize how to install the system. Reading instructions off of a guide might work for some people, but an equal number of people work better with a visual guide to follow.

One item provided in the installation kit is a hardness test strip to check the hardness percentage of your water.
5600SXT Digital Valve with 5-Year Warranty

Considered the most dependable valve for water softeners on the market today, the 5600SXT valve is a digital control head that offers unparalleled accuracy for the system’s meters. This type of digital valve is the highest-selling valve for water softeners.

A complimentary compact turbine meter and cable are included. The digital valve is pre-programmed for your convenience.

10-Year Warranty on the Mineral and Brine Tanks

The mineral tank pre-loaded with resin and the brine tank are covered under a 10-year warranty. The mineral tank is 10 inches and the brine tank is11inches in diameter. The brine tank has a float safety device that automatically shuts it off if the valve malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers frequently ask us certain common questions, either by contacting us directly or reaching out in forums on Amazon and other sites on the internet. We’ve compiled a few of the most commonly recurring questions here:

Can this be installed outside?

Yes, the system can be installed outside, though it is typically placed in the garage. The climate where you live may affect whether it can be placed outside or not. If you live in a place with freezing temperatures, it might be best to place the system indoors.

Does it remove iron and magnesium from hard water?

Magnesium and carbon sulfide are the two biggest causes of hard water. This system takes care of both, but it isn’t effective on iron. That requires a separate filter system.

Does the regeneration use stored soft water or hard water?

Hard water regenerates in the system. The water softener can be set to regenerate after a set amount of time or a set amount of water consumption, depending on your preference.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is usually between 6-8 feet long. A 120-volt outlet is required as a power source.

Does this system require a descaler?

No, it does not require a descaler. The unit itself removed the minerals that cause hard water.

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What the Customers Say

Customer reviews give companies insight into how their products work in the real world. We take our reviews seriously and keep one ear tuned to the pulse of our consumers. Here are some of the things that show up frequently in reviews for this product:

Reliable Delivery

One constant in reviews is a mention of free shipping and the pre-filled resin tank. Many people note how heavy the boxes are (it comes in two boxes) and what a money-saver it is for them not to have to pay for shipping.

DIY Installation

Another thing brought up in almost every review is how simple the installation is, following the printed instructions and especially the YouTube video. It was very rare for anyone to say they had to hire a professional plumber because they couldn’t install the system themselves.

Kit Missing Parts

Yes, we do pay attention to the negative reviews, too. Many people say they had to make at least one trip to the hardware store for a copper fitting and flexible connectors that were not included in the installation kit.

Amazing Results

Overall, the product reviews were positive. Several people chose to let the water softener work for months before writing a review. They cited improvements in their laundry, dishes and showers within a few cycles of water softener regeneration.

Reasonably Priced

The general consensus is that the ABCWaters brand of products were beyond reasonable for the water softener market and that the 48k-56sxt-10SS 10% Resin Water Softener was worth the price.

Final Thoughts

Many things, such as well water or city water, can cause hard water. Many people need to purchase water softeners for their homes. The ABCWaters 48k-56st-10SS water softener has an upgraded 10% resin tank, compared to the 8% resin tank of similar products from other brands. Its free shipping and pre-filled resin tank put it ahead of the other water softeners on the market. The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener is less expensive but doesn’t offer the previously mentioned features. ABCWaters’ products might be a little beyond the budget, but they are an overall better deal, as these water softeners last longer and work harder.


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